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Cape Town on the Continent of Africa 

Hi, it’s Me, Cricket!  I will be telling you about my first time in  Cape Town, South Africa and the beach that is 1 hour away!! We are staying at the beach for 4 days! And then we go back to Cape Town for touring and MOMMY’S BITHDAY!!!! 

Ok, let me tell YOU some stuff!  First off, I left the continent of Europe! I am on a new ( and hot continent! Arica! We are in the country of South Africa and the city of Cape Town. Well, the real Cape Town is where we were staying. It is the area right in the town where everything is going down. It was nice, fun and at night we heard the best karaoke from a bar down the street. During the day we saw so much music on every corner and dancers everywhere.We saw some kids dancing out on the street in face paint mommy said it might be a family tribe! 

We walked around looking at everything. 

We had a hard times finding the…. WATER FRONT!! The waterfront isn’t really the real Cape Town. It is the touristy area. We were tempted to get a taxis but we FOUND it! It was a big place with a Ferris wheel, stores and food. When we were leaving I saw several seals in the harbor! Soon other people saw them  too!! 

 The next day it was the day to go to the beach, but we had time to see a little more so we sat at a place to eat and gave money to every street music player we heard!!! Cape Town is very lively! Lots and lots of people and lots of music everywhere you go. It is time to relax and head  to the beach on False Bay…

We decided to try the beach at Muizenberg. It is on False Bay right on the other side of Table Mountain. We will explore Table Mountain when we get back to Cape Town. We are still in Cape Town. Just not the city area of Cape Town. When we got to the beach, I felt the breeze on my face. It is a bay, but the ocean is right there and it is still the Atlantic Ocean. STOP ,lessen one : Did you know that that tip of Africa has two oceans that meet each other? On mommy’s birthday we will go down to the part where the oceans meet! I’m so excited to see the Atlantic ocean join the Indian Ocean! How cool is that?! Anyway, it felt so good because I was in the cold for so long in Europe. When we were in the car going to the hotel,  I saw my first look at the beach! It has been a long time since I have seen the beach! The wind is very strong here too so the waves were pretty big and there are kite surfers and surfers Everywhere!  

The first day we took a through town to get me flip slops! You have to have flip flops at the beach!  

Our hotel is great! It is right at the beach and has the best view. we even have a balcony that faces the beach too!   We are surrounded by mountains and the beach.  And the sun come up right outside our balcony . I haven’t seen it, but mommy said it is the clearest sun she has ever seen.  She said it is like a huge sparkly yellow diamond coming out of the water. Cool, right? 

Right about now, you are probably wondering about the weather. It is hot during the day, but gets super cold as the sun goes down. Also, the wind can make it really cold when the sun is out. Crazy. 

The beach is so windy! And has really great tide pools with thousands of cool cool cool cool cool cool shells and I’m not exaggerating! People did not care about the cool cool cool cool cool shells, it was crazy.  We saw a star fish in he tide pools too!! The beach is HUGE so you can walk forever. And mommy wants to.  Ugh. That is a long walk. Here is lessen 2. Did you know that they have people looking for sharks all the time! They have a lot of Great White Sharks in False Bay and a lot lot lot of them are at this one beach. Gulp. Back to the beach walking, you see so many surfers and wind surfers here. The wind surfers go flying in the air like birds! Again, not exaggerating. They are flying!

​Guess what else we saw???? On the beach, I saw a dead…👮🏽hold up, lessen 3. Here are some names of seals there Elephant seal, Harp seal,Harbor seal,Gray seal,Spotted seal,Monk seal,Leopard seal and Ringed seal. We saw a dead Fur seal! So sad! Normally, I would see dead fish not seals!!!! 
Well, thanks for reading my blog and hope It was fun for you. 


One more! 👮🏽 lessen4. Different ways to say bye: adios,aloha ,arrivederci ,ciao ,au revoir ,bon voyage,sayonara, shalom, totsiens, vale! 

That was a long bye!


  1. What an amazing time you girls had! I can’t believe how fast Africa flew by – I hope you get to update your blog with some safari adventures! I can’t wait to hear about Singapore!!! Boa noite! (that’s Portugues for good night ; )

  2. WOW!!! Your blog was very long and so informative. Africa sounds like an unusual place with so many sights and things to do. I never thought about this continent being exciting and fun. It looks like you and your Mom are having a good time. I would like to wish your Mom a very Happy Birthday! She will have to find a bakery for a cake. Do you think she will be able to find a bakery? I like all the different ways to say goodbye! You will probably remember every one of them. Bye for now!

    • You are totally right we have to find a bakery! Mommy said thank you very much for her birthday wish. She also said that she has checked us in to a really nice hotel for two nights during her birthday so that she would be sure to celebrate in style! Funny! Love Cricket

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