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London, England is BIG With My Favorite Thing To Do – Plays!!!

Hi, I am in Londen, England!!! I love  it!! You know why I like it?  It is English and that means every has the best accents! And they have lots of plays! I have seen 2 so far and will see 2 more before I leave!  I am staying in Londen for 4 weeks and in the best neighborhood! Nottinghill.  We are right next to the best market, bus and lots of great streets!! I love that we are staying for Christmas too.  This first photo is Portobello Street in our neighborhood. It is a really fun street with EVERYTHING!  It has shops, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, grocery stories, pubs, street vendors selling all kinds of things and even a famous movie theater. 

The next photo is of me wowed that they drive on the side that we do not!!! If I sat in the front I would feel weird too. I bet mommy would feel like she would have to drive if she was sitting up front in the passenger seat.  

I just loved the buses because they have a top and a bottom .  They are called double decker buses.  You do not have to take a  tour bus that takes  you around the city since you have buses that are the same and the buses bring you every where!! They also have a subway called the Underground, but people also call it the Tube. That is the title photo on my blog. We take the bus more because it stops right at our house. Easy and super fun! I keep trying to get the first seat on the top deck so I can feel like I am driving, but everyone beats me to it.  I got it once, but for a really short time.  It still was great!

This next photo is just so funny, it is a party tea bus!

This is me on the top deck of a double decker bus.  You can see everything from the top deck!

This next photo is a pub.  They let kids in and it feels like a bar! They have pubs on almost every corner in almost every neighborhood. Everyone loves their neighborhood pub. It is a restaurant and a bar all in one.  They have funny names too like the Slug and Lettuce. Funny!!!

This is my first show and first night in London.  We went to see Stomp.  It is a performance like a band, but they are making noise on everything! The plays and musicals in London are in an area they call Westend. 

This is our house for the month. They call them flats not apartments.  We got a tree delivered! We decorated out tree with toys and popcorn! It was fun! The popcorn took a long time too.

We went to the Natural History Museum and it was so cool.  My favorite part were the stuffed animals in the mammals section.  They were real dead animals! We saw lots of great dinosaur bones.  The fist photo is a new part of the museum called Darwin’s Cacoon.  You go inside the Cacoon and you learn how to be a scientist like Darwin.  He is a famous English scientist that lived from 1809-1882. He was a naturalist who changes science! He said all species of life has descended over time from common ancestors.  That is huge and I am still trying to understand it.  It means we came from monkeys.  Anyway, this center lets you see the scientist at work too.  


I went to my second play called School House Rock.  It was awesome! Kids rocked out and it was actually the kids playing the instruments and rocking out in a band.  I LOVED the show! They were my aged kids too.  Cool!!


This last pictures is of just one of the crazy things for sale at the Portabello weekend market my our flat.  It is really a fun market.  Great music and food everywhere too.  I love it.

Well, I am in Scotland for 2 days so I need to go out and see stuff.  



  1. WOW! What an exciting place. I love your Christmas tree. It really looks pretty with the popcorn and toys. Have a great Christmas and enjoy your visit with G!

  2. Hi Cricket,
    So happy you enjoy going to the theater because London is one of the best places to see plays. Exciting to follow you through Darwins cocoon, the portobello market, double decker buses, dinosaur exhibits, and more. Whew!
    Great Christmas tree and pleased that the elf follow ed you to London. Stay warm, have fun, and I love you. G

  3. Cricket, You are becoming the Drama Queen by attending all those plays. I hope you are now learning how to speak English now that you are in London. The Popster just attended his favorite play called “Scrooge.” We sure enjoy seeing your smiling face in different situations. Love, The Popster and Gran Chris

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