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My Venice Post

Hi, it’s Cricket !!! I am just so happy that you all love my blog. It has been so fun telling you all my stuff!!!! Venice is so fun, and I love the water bus!!! You know why there are water buses?   Well,  Venice is made out of water!!!!! Thear are NO cars and NO streets. Well, there are streets but just for walking.  Do know how GREAT THAT IS? It is awesome! 

The water bus is a big boat with lots of people!!!!! There are a lots of water buses.   Mommy and I stand in the corner of the buses to see the water bus driver, and the water!!!! There is a place that people  can sit that’s nice too. Now, let me tell you about Venice.   

The houses!  They are built in the water.  No one can live on the first floor. Instead of cars, they have boats in front and in their garage!  See the houses behind me?

That is a taxi in the picture above.  Taxes cost a LOT of money. Weird.  

The first night, we went to a yummy restaurant on the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal is the main water way in the tourist area of Venice.  The restarant is IN the water!!! 

Our hotel was right on the Grand Canal too! 

We spent a lot of time walking around walking because the stores were so cool.  Awesome masks shops.  They are a lot like New Orleans with dressing up.  The masks were BEAUTIFUL! Walking around was so awesome because there were no cars, lots of interesting people,  and a ton of super cool stores.  And bridges EVERYWHERE!  We got lost a lot but that is what everyone says you do in Venice.  Get lost and wander around.  Now I know why.  It’s so interesting and pretty.  You just keep walking.  

Gondolas are everywhere! It took us down the side small canals where our gondola driver said the real Venice is.  He said no pone even lives on the Grand Canal anymore.  Funny!

We spend one day going to two museums. Ths house.   Her name was Peggy Guggenheim and her art was modern art that is not that old.  She had a big house and yard full of art.  I loved how she buried her dogs in her garden and she even had a sign with all there names above their graves.  Her art was very interesting.  Some of the art was even made with crayons! 

That is Peggy above! See how cool her house was? I would love to have a Cricket Graff Museum.  

We also to the Leonardo DeVinci Museum.  He was a genuine genius who not only painted the Mona Lisa but created SO MANY THINGS like the hang glider and the bicycle.  He created weapons and the arced bridge! He died in 1519 so that means he and his fellow Italian, Christopher Columbus, were around at the same time.  Leonardo even designed a city and a lot of other fun stuff.  The museum let kids play with some of his inventions.  He was a cool Italian scientist and artist.  He studied dead bodies.

This first picture is of the mirror box he invented so he could see all around the thing he was painting.  ​​
​Hope you enjoyed your trip with us through Venice.  Time to go explore Prague!  We are going on a graffiti art tour today.  I can’t wait to tell you about it next time. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I think the da vinci would be my favorite! These posts really inspire travel, Cricket!! Excellent job!

  2. Cricket, you are growing up so fast traveling with mom😍

  3. I love Venice. Wish I was there. G

  4. Venice looks like an awesome place. Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink! My dad use to say this about the sea! Take care!

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