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Country Number 5…PRAGUE! My First Time Seeing Snow

Hi everybody. Today I am going to tell you a little about Prague and my first time seeing snow.  This fist picture is at the airport when we landed in Prague.  So pretty!!

When I first got in to Prague, I was freezing! It is very cold here.  The first thing I saw was a beautiful sunset.  It was early too.  But the sky was filled with puffy pink clouds.  It was so beautiful.  

I was so happy to see our new apartment.  We are here for almost a whole month too.  This next photo is the Livingroom and view out the window.

Our apartment is HUGE and the view is amazing.  Its right on a park with a beautiful church and right on the park below our window is a yummy delicious bakery.  It’s so busy there that people leave when they walk in and see no seats open. I like to sit there and do my work while Mommy has coffee.  We also have a ton of amazing restaurants around the park too.  We have tried 3 of them.  The pizza place, a place with belgium food and a brewery.   The pizza place was so good.  They cook the pizza in a big stone fire thing.  The brewery, mommy says, has the coolest beer she has ever had.  We have gone back there again too. I got the hot cocoa. It’s very popular.  Lots of people go there so it’s fun to be in the restaurant.  The Belgian restaurant has a play house for kids.  It was mostly only little boys trying to kill each other.  ANd we have lots of grocery stores around us too.  And places to get your nails done! Oh, and they’re is a little hot dog stand in the park too and a little flower hut. It is all so cute. 

Back to what Prague is like.  Prague is like Paris.  Its big and really pretty.  We got a card for riding the metro, bus and tram. We can ride it all month long as many times as we want.  THe tram and bus are right out front at the bakery!  We can go everywhere in town on the tram. The number 22 takes you where you need to go almost every time. 

Our apartment is a big pink building.  I love how pink it is.  And it’s really huge.  We have lots of rooms to play in. Mommy and I sleep on a big bed in a loft but its also like a bunk bed but way bigger.  We are right at the perfect height to look out of the huge windows. I love it.  I woke up this morning and saw snow in the tree tops.  I don’t think I would have seen that if we were in a bed on the floor. 

One day, mommy and I went to the Old Town where all the tourist go.  We found the BEST hot chocolate.  They gave me a cup of hot milk and a stick with a church of chocolate on it.  I just stirred and stirred and made my own hot chocklate.  It was very yummy!  The place was called the Orient Cafe and it is in a cool building that is actually cubanism architecture which you can’t really find any where else. 

They love puppets here too.  And fairy tales.  We have seen so many interesting things.  And we have lots more to explore too.

Last night, we got on the tram in front of our apartment and went to a HUGE arena and saw Prague play Norway in Football.  It was so cod but so fun and rowdy! And that is when I saw my first snow.  It snowed right onto the field! And h=the snow flakes got bigger and bigger and bigger! 


Off to explore more. Bye!!!!!


  1. For some reason, we could not post on your Vienna because of a 404 error, thus we posted on this one. P-man

  2. We are finally back from our 30 day trip to New Zealand. Glad to hear that you continue to have such wonderful experiences. Vienna is one of our favorite cities. Be sure to go to some of the concerts–mostly classical music. They are everywhere in the city. Love you, Popster & Gran Chrissy

  3. Thanks to you and mom for my beautiful post card. Love you.

  4. Prague looks like an interesting place to stay for an extended time. Snow! Makes running in for hot chocolate special. I enjoyed watching the changing of the guards and the amazing clocks. Thank you for the pictures. Mommy was born during a huge snow storm in covington 1973. Uncle Jim, uncle Eric, and papa played all day in the snow while mommy and I stayed warm in the hospital.

  5. Cricket I bet you and mommy are going to love Prague so much you will hate to leave. Your storytelling skills are very good. Eat a pastry for me.

  6. I really like Prague. You are staying there for a month. I bet you taste everything in the bakery. Have fun!

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