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Athens, Rome, Family and Florence

Hi everybody! 

Ok, sorry I havent written in so long. I’ve been busy with my family.

So today you will go on a long blog trip so get your luggage out and follow me from Athens to Italy! Rome and Florence were our first two stops. 

When I saw Daddy at tbe Athens airport, I was so excited!

We had fun playing and I saw my friend from Greece. Sadie. 

We climbed the Acropolis with her and her mom. We also went to the Acropolis Museum. Daddy LOVED it. It was super windy that day. It was Ohi Day so all the miseums were free! Ohi means no. Ohi Day celebrates the day Greece said NO to Mussolini (bad guy) when he asked to march his troups through the country. Ohi!!!

Greece with great, but I was so excited to get to Italy and see my G and Papa!!!!

When I first saw G, she was looking the other way, but Papa saw me and he said I better go say hi to G. She had been waiting and watching for me. When she turned around, she gave me a huge hug. It was so great!

Halloween in Rome was very very scary. Mommy planned a tour for us called Rome Underground! We went to an underground place that was like a palace built out of bones and whole skeletons.  Little girl skeleton hanging like a chandelier and bones everywhere. It was called a crypt. Daddy got a acary tshirt. After that we went to a church that had an older church under it and an older village under that!  That’s three things all in one and you had to go way under ground. 

Also, Mommy got a big idea. It was like a light bulb went offnin her head. Bing! Her big idea was to go tri k or treating at the candy stores. I actually only went to one because i got a huge bag of my favorite kind of chocolates at the first stop. Lindts. I definitly shared with my familu because I’m such a sweet little girl. He he he. Can you see the blow up teddy bear in the pictures above?  Cool right!?

 I loved the fountains in Rome. I wished they let kids swim in them. That would be awesome. 

After I said goodbye to G, Papa and Daddy, we went to the Vatican. The Vatican is a city run by the Pope.  Priest and nuns are walking everywhere. We saw a mummy and the Sistine Chapel. It was cool but i was tired. The Vatican is HUGE. 

Choo, choo !!!! Off to Florence. 

Wow! Florence is like Naxos and Athens together. A lot less people and tradfic than Rome. A city but a little less like a big city. You don’t have to worry so much about bad stuff and everyone is so nice. You can even walk in the streets. 

You know what this hole on the wall in the photo below is for? To move the big paintings! They can’t fit in the doors so they have to fit through those long holes. Like the game Operation.  

We went to the Ufizi Museum in Florence. Mommy got us a tour guide just for kids. She was very nice. Mommy liked seeing all the Italian artists in one place. She LOVED the Birth of Venus. I loved the Medussa on a shield. The ceiling in the hallway was so cool!

If you are blind, you can feel what the painting looks like!

Round paintings were to celebrate new babies. See the frame?? This is Michealangelo. He didn’t like to paint. He was a sculpture. See his frame?

That is a Carvaggio. He painted the Medussa I liked the best. I didn’t get a photo of it. 

Next Pisa!!!!!!!

Today i saw the leaning tower of Pisa! It’s a bell tower that they atarted to build in the 1170s. It was awesome when i saw it. And I climbed to the top! You actually felt likeyou  were going sideways! It leans because it is in an area built abouve an old river. The sand from the river makes all buildinvs in the squate lean. The tower leans the most because it was built with marble. The tower was the most important building at the time because the bells would ring and let the prople know what time it was. That is why it was built out of marble. Alao, it had no windows so really heavy. And the bells were big and loud.  That also made the buolding shake. An important guy, Gallaleo Galleli (think about if your name was like, Cricket Cricy or like that!!!) he did experiments from the top of the Tower. Astronuts did one of his experiments from the moon!  

We were way high up. 

Can you see how the othe buildings are leaning too?

Next we went to cooking school!!!!

Really yummy! If you don’t put a lot on your pizza, it will bubble at the crust. I love the bubbles. 

Pizza cooks fast too.  They like to just take whole Roma tomatoes and crush them for the sauce. I did a very little sauce👍.

Anyway, cooking class for pizza and gelato was so fun.  I met a friend there. Her name was Hope. She was 14 and is travelling for a long time with her famiky. Thwy were so nice. They will spend a year in Costa Rica after Europe.  Wow! Cooking class was so fun and guess what? Hope and I got to be teachers for the gelato making. That was great to teach the grown ups! It was like the world was opposite. 

Well, we have to go. Venice tomorrow! I heard it is like New Orleans. 


  1. christine (Stella's mom)

    November 6, 2016 at 4:53 am

    omg, cricket! did you get dizzy climbing to the top of the tower of pisa?? around and around and around! when you are in venice, you must stand in the square with all the pigeons and they will land all over you — your head, arms, shoulders. it’s crazy! maybe you can get a piece of glass from venice or murano as a souvenir. have so much fun!

  2. Cricket you are living a dream trip. I would love to see all these places. I know G was so glad to see you. Have a great time. Love, Aunt Sheila

  3. Cricket,
    Thanks for taking me with you on your Greek and Roman adventure! All of those ruins you saw in Greece and Rome help us understand those two ancient civilizations. 🇬🇷🇮🇹 I, too, ❤️the fountains in Rome and bridges in Florence…and what a spooky 🎃 Halloween you had! It’s also fabulous that you are having the opportunity to see and compare artists like Michaelangelo and Picasso. Next summer, I would love for you to teach me how to make gelato!

    Can’t wait to hear about Venice…

  4. I loved your blog about Florence, Rome and Italy. Oh, and your family! The leaning tower of Pisa sounds like a fun place. Can’t wait for Venice.

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